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Large enough to
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Over the past decade, insurance costs have spiraled out of control, especially in the healthcare industry.

With the knowledge, expertise, and financial backing of a larger firm paired with the warmth and flexibility of a smaller, boutique company, Graph Group is uniquely poised to help.


Graph Insurance, part of The Graph Group of companies, provides a wide range of policies and packages to protect your people and assets. We leverage our deep industry knowledge to develop affordable, customized policies that suit your requirements.

Our claims management team consists of a wide network of professionals with years of expertise across numerous industries. We maintain a proactive claims-management process and a team that works in concert with yours to help prevent claims and mitigate potential loss.

Our Mission -
Pursuing Possible™

At The Graph Group, our mission is to leverage our collective resources, deep relationships, and extensive experience in niche industries to provide capital and advisory solutions that help our partners achieve their goals.

Our aim is to build a portfolio of sustainable investments, across multiple industries, all in the pursuit of possible.

Core values

The Graph Group Core Values form the cornerstone of who we are,and serve
as the roadmap for our growth forward.

Integrity First

Our foundation is rooted in integrity, and serves as the bedrock of our relationships and our success.


At The Graph Group, there is only one direction and one mindset: forward. Never satisfied with the status quo, our progressive, can-do mindset keeps us in continuous pursuit of possible.

Collaborators, always

True partnership means constantly communicating, valuing, respecting and inviting our employees, clients, and partners into the decision making process. This has allowed us to continuously improve our performance and bring greater value to all as we grow.

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